Lovende reacties


Thank you for a very amazing Sound Bath experience!!
I can't put into words how brilliant it was!! You have definitely mastered all things sound, and have created a beautiful orchestra of sounds that are blissfully soothing and deepening on many levels. Looking forward to the next one.


"I had the privilege of being a part of Paulien's Family Constellation workshop. Paulien has a capacity to lead the group with a detached compassion. This enabled her to hold space for me with love and support guided by deep understanding, intuition and knowing.

I had a enormous shift during and after the session. This shift continued for weeks after and completely changed a negative family influence into a positive outcome."


Paulien’s Sound Baths are deeply and magically healing. Paulien’s voice is married with a multitude of instruments and from beginning to end we are taken on a journey. Selenite Swords of Light are thrown into the mix to amplify the shifting. Following the gentle, yet powerful experience, we come out the other end a changed being. A shared but very unique experience that differs each time. I'll be back!


"I went to see Paulien for a Voice Activation session as I had a habit of not speaking up when angry or emotional. The session itself was very interesting: I went on an inner journey with lots of visualisation and imagery. Afterwards, I noticed that I spoke up more freely, felt more confident and simply now have more of a sense of ‘being myself’."


I am feeling really powerful and a lot more centered after the Sound Healing session. I can feel the shift in many directions and this is just wonderful. Thank you so much for the beautiful healing thoughts, visions, words and sounds. Looking forward to see you again in the new year.


I've visited Paulien for a Family Constellations Workshop she was facilitating. It was a deeply moving and uplifting experience, and her shamanic drumming and Sound Healing were a beautiful bonus on that day. I highly recommend participating in her workshops and visiting her for one on one healing sessions as well.

Your Sound Healing worked like magic! My shoulder pain (since a week) never came back!

Bernadett Blummer


De Klank Healing door Paulien was mijn allereerste ervaring met een vorm van healing door middel van geluidstrillingen. Ik had van tevoren aangegeven niet echt een issue te hebben waaraan specifiek gewerkt zou kunnen worden behalve dan misschien het bevredigen van mijn nieuwsgierigheid als muzikant naar een totaal ander gebruik van instrumenten en hun klanken.

Nadat ik was gaan liggen opende Paulien de sessie door het aanslaan van twee stemvorken en deze tegelijkertijd links en rechts dicht naast mijn hoofd te houden. Het bijna hypnotiserende effect daarvan was, dat ik mijzelf ogenblikkelijk in een prettige en diepe rust gezogen voelde en het  tijdsbesef helemaal verdween.

Het is moeilijk te beschrijven wat er zich vervolgens allemaal in mijn lichaam en geest afspeelde gedurende de periode dat Paulien allerlei klanken de revue liet passeren. Met behulp van bijzondere kristallen klankschalen die een buitengewoon zuivere toon verspreiden maar ook door middel van o.a. belletjes, drums en een gong wist Paulien op professioneel subtiele manier alle chakra’s te beroeren. Heel bijzonder vond ik de ervaring op het moment, dat Paulien ook met haar eigen stem klanken begon voort te brengen. Mijn lichaam voelde toen aan alsof ik gewichtloos meedeinde op een eindeloze wolk van trillingen.

Na, ik denk een klein uur, blaften ergens in de verte op geheel passende wijze twee hondjes met hún eigen klanken het slotakkoord van deze sessie en keerde ik langzaam terug in de ogenschijnlijke realiteit van alledag.

Dankjewel, Paulien


I had an amazing and insightful Family Constellation session with Paulien that seems to have addressed my long standing health issue. 

I was very grateful for that she had a questionnaire about my health prior to a session.

I revealed that since I was born I have a strange condition with my heart. I tried to address it with practitioners of many modalities, naturopath or doctors.  I almost gave up few years back. 

During the session I was very much supported by Paulien as she guided my process, by reflecting back and checking in with me. She also worked with a Selenite Sword of Light and her voice. It was at that moment that the heart ache became lighter! I still have sensations but they are bearable. No pain at night anymore. Nothing compares with how it was before. I also registered that the fear over survival in the world  was not prominent. It is absolutely unreal for me!! 

My previous experience with Family Constellations was in person. To my surprise the session online was just as powerful if not more so, due to Paulien's way of working.


It's been 24hrs since I completed Paulien's Family/Systemic Constellation Workshop - First One! The profound insights haven't stopped and have been reflected in significant shifts of thoughts, behaviour and healing.

Issues of complex grief and psychiatric admissions were placed under the microscope and full stopped!

Paulien calls upon a variety of tools and exercises to intuitively shift all individuals as a group. Her extensive knowledge and experience is heightened by her absolute love and passion for this work.

I would highly recommend this workshop to all those seeking to understand and break patterns impacting all areas of their life, such that they may walk/run/dance to the beat of their own heart!

Onwards and upwards!